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3 Reasons To Get Your Carpets Cleaned This Spring!

MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2019
1. Pet Accidents: 
It's been cold in Minnesota the past few months and a fact every pet owner must face is that there will be accidents. With spring in the air and humidity, pet stains may begin to reek. We love our pets but we don't have to love their odors. Unfortunately, without proper cleaning pet odor can linger for years and often smells pungent and like ammonia. This is because the urine soaks your carpets all the way to the base and crystallizes. Bacteria acting on the urine emits that familiar unpleasant smell and acts as a beacon for your pet, encouraging re-soiling.  
2. Allergens:
With winter over and the weather warming up, you might find yourself opening up the windows. Pollen and other allergens may get blown into your home and with the dust from the winter settled in your carpets, the allergy-prone may be suffering indoors more than usual. You can lessen the symptoms with weekly vacuuming but only a deep cleaning can remove the majority of the allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander and dust mites that have been collecting since your last carpet cleaning.
3. Company: 
Graduations, Easter, Weddings and more! Spring can be a busy time for a lot of people. If you're already giving your home a deep cleaning, why not get your carpets cleaned too! Impress your guests with stain-free, brighter, newer looking carpets and if you have pets, properly cleaning up pet accidents will prevent a smelly house. Plus, your allergy prone friends and family will breathe easier in a home that's had the dust, pet dander, and other allergens removed. Have your home be the talk of the neighborhood with cleaner, healthier carpets!
With CJ's Chem-Dry your home can be stain-free and odor-free! P.U.R.T will leave your home healthier and smelling fresher with the guarantee that the odor has been eliminated at its source, preventing re-soiling! We remove 99.9% of odor and in the spirit of spring cleaning, why not clean the whole carpet, too? By adding our Hot Carbonating Extraction process and our sanitizer we are able to remove 99.2% of the bacteria from urine as well as 98% of allergens and 89% of airborne bacteria!